Friday, April 16, 2010

Living Hour by Hour

So I've come to realize that I don't ever know what time it is, only how many hours have passed since the last important event of our day - eating, sleeping, waking, etc. As Eden and I face the days ahead (because Lane is back at work now) we live one hour at a time. Here's how our days go:

Wake up and Eden eats breakfast in bed with Lane (she nurses and he eats a bowl of cereal) and then Eden and I go back to sleep
A few hours later Eden and I wake up and watch The Price is Right while she eats again
Eden stays awake for about an hour - during this time she and I usually laugh and play with each other
Eden then goes back to sleep for a couple hours
Again, Eden will wake up and eat, stay awake for an hour and then go to sleep again...for the remaining hours of the day
Once dinner has occurred for Lane and I we will give Eden a bath
After bath time Eden and I start her bedtime routine and then Daddy helps us finish it before she eats one last time before bedtime
Once Eden is down for the evening she typically wakes up at 1:00 and 5:30 and we then start it all over again!

There's your insight to our daily lives as a family!

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